Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, daily driving takes a toll on the alignment of your vehicle. Potholes, unexpected run-ins with curbs, and worn roadways can all contribute to knocking your Chevy truck out of alignment. Fortunately, our service center at Van Horn Chevrolet of Plymouth near Sheboygan relies on expert technicians and equipment needed to make sure your vehicle can perform at its best.

How does an alignment service work?

  • Your Chevy dealership technician may take your vehicle for a short test drive to identify any major issues.
  • Next, they’ll lift the car for a visual inspection of the tires and suspension components to identify excessively worn or broken parts.
  • Tire pressure will be checked and adjusted as needed.
  • Finally, your vehicle will be put on the alignment rack to adjust wheel and suspension angles per manufacturer specifications.

There are four primary adjustments that your technician will make to your Chevy truck’s suspension:

  1. Toe: This is the angle on which the tires move in and out if you were to view them from above. Toe alignment is critical when it comes to the life and wear of your tires.
  2. Camber: This is the vertical angle of the tires when looking at them straight on. Camber also affects tire wear, though sometimes a slight negative camber is beneficial for overall stability.
  3. Caster: Caster relates to the angle of the steering axis. This is what helps your Chevrolet to stay on course and bring the steering wheel back to a straight, neutral position after turning.
  4. Thrust: This relates to the direction of the rear axle and centerline of your vehicle. Ensuring that the front and rear axles are parallel contributes to vehicle stability and proper handling.

Can’t remember the last time your Chevy truck had a proper alignment? Contact Van Horn Chevrolet of Plymouth to schedule a comprehensive four-wheel alignment service today. Our Chevy dealership near Sheboygan helps your vehicle stay in great shape!