At Van Horn Chevrolet of Plymouth we know that our cars have all the safety features and driver assistance technologies you could want. However, even in a sleek, modern Chevy SUV you need to be prepared for whatever the road will throw at you. That’s why we want to talk about common road hazards and unsafe driving conditions, and how you can handle them.

Adapting to other drivers is crucial if you want to stay safe on the road. In bad traffic, for example, you need to worry about people suddenly pulling in front of you and you should be conscious that you have less time to bring your vehicle to a stop in close quarters. Adjust accordingly by staying farther away from the car in front of you and keeping an eye on your side mirrors.

Of course, you also have to watch out for reckless drivers. Whether they’re distracted, speeding, or weaving in and out of traffic, you need to be able to spot a problem driver and keep a safe distance from them. Distracted drivers create hazardous conditions for everyone around them and could cause a dangerous accident.

Then there are pedestrians to worry about. Some people simply don’t pay attention when crossing streets. Even if traffic signals say that you can go forward, make sure that no pedestrians are in the way, walking at the wrong time, or buried in their smartphone and not paying attention to the world around them.

Of course, one of the best defenses against road hazards is to take care of your vehicle. The experts at our Chevy service center near Sheboygan can make sure that your brakes and other crucial components are in top shape. We look forward to assisting you!