When you visit us at Van Horn Chevrolet of Plymouth, we’ll make it easy to find the perfect car, truck, or SUV for your needs. We have plenty of Chevrolet vehicles on sale, whether you’re looking for a family car or a sporty roadster, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for. Our job doesn’t stop there though. We also help drivers take care of their vehicles at our service center. April is National Car Care Month, and there’s no better time than now to focus on auto maintenance.

Routine car maintenance is important for a number of reasons. It keeps you safer on the road, helps your car live a longer life, and prevents expensive damage down the line.

At our Chevy service center, we make sure your vehicle is in top shape before sending you on your way. We are happy to perform a myriad of services:

  • Fluid level top-offs: Adequate levels of oil, windshield wash, coolant, and transmission fluid are essential for a well-performing ride.
  • Battery tests: After a long winter, your battery may be running sluggish. We’ll perform a charge test to ensure it’s in optimal condition, as well as clean off any corrosion.
  • Tires: Adverse road and weather conditions can negatively impact your tires. Our technicians are happy to conduct a full inspection and determine if a rotation, balance, or alignment is needed. They’ll also examine the air pressure of each tire for proper inflation.

National Car Care Month is the perfect time to see if your Chevy truck, car, or SUV is in top shape. Visit our Chevy dealership near Appleton, WI and talk to the experts today. Our mechanics make it easy to get the routine maintenance your vehicle needs. We look forward to seeing you at our Chevy service center soon!